Below are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) answered. If a question you have still isn’t answered, contact your chain of command

KN means Killjoy Network, Killjoy is a homage to an old kill streak in Halo, where communities sprouted from.

September 8th, 2018.

KN BiGBT KC, KSI GAMEx7, and Cali KN.

Chief Executive Officer: KN BiGBT KC
Chief Operations Officer: KSI GAME x7
Chief of Staff: Cali KN
Senior Director: KSI BIGGPAPA 7

This is a large group of members that collectively make up a section of a community.

This is a small group of individuals that may not exceed more than 100 members within a division.

Only suitable when a member breaks the CoC (Code of Conduct) severely, directly attempts to hurt or damage KSI, or performs illegal activities. (DDOS, host-booting, hacking, etc).

If you’re a GEN+, you can find it on our CMS. If you’re not, go to your chain of command to find out.

There are two different types of a DNH.
Squad DNH: Removed from the squad per the GEN with COFO consent.
Division DNH: Removed from the division per Co-DIV/DIV L, with knowledge from the DIR (Director)

Just because an individual is DNH’d does not mean you cannot hang out with them.

You can find us at:

Twitter: KilljoyNetwork
Instagram: KilljoyNetwork

A clan is a casual gaming group led by a primary leader. It is usually focused on a few game types. A community is a large scale entity centralized around development and growth while offering gaming options for several different game types. A community is led by a diverse group of leaders all focused on the progression of the brand; KN is a community.

The High Council is a prestigious group of former leaders that have not only displayed the utmost loyalty but are highly accomplished in KN. They are not a part of daily operations but work hand in hand with the Board of Directors and Executive Staff to continue to push KN towards a progressive and positive future. They have no actual clan ops power, however, but can join meetings and give advice when needed.

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