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September 16, 2018
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September 25, 2018

By Cali KN

Hello, KN members! We are in the final transition of changes to the community. I know it’s been a confusing road of various changes to policy, structure, and atmosphere over the past 5 months. I want to assure you that those changes will make your experience here even better and a lot more organized going into the future. Today we are starting our journey as an affiliate of XS (Xiled Syndicate). We are one of 3 communities working together to improve the culture of gaming communities in a positive way, now and in the future. The plan is to maximize your opportunities for gaming, friendship, learning and most of all fun. We are starting that plan by working together as the Syndicate on one universal forum. I know you will have some questions, so I’ve narrowed down the common ones and given our best answers to them below…

Is XGN taking over the forums? – No. What is happening is the staffing of 3 different communities are combining their efforts in certain departments to enhance the experience for the member. KN will run a lot of its own departments and section as normal but will have more helping hands in busier areas.

What happens to me? – If you are currently in a department, you will retain your place in that department. Depending on your department, you will be teamed up with more staff to work on joint projects together. So essentially look at it like two teams working together to achieve the same goal.

Are we still KN? – Yes. We are very much KN, just a part of something bigger to add activities, tournaments and more opportunities for you. Think of this as the NFL, the NFL is 32 independent teams under one banner. The Dallas Cowboys, are the Dallas Cowboys…but they are also part of the NFL, the NFL has it’s own website aside from the Cowboys having their own webpage. All 32 teams work together to make the NFL great.

I don’t know any of these people? Understandable, this is a new experience and very confusing for some. There will be plenty of assistance to ensure that everyone is on the same page. Like new members that come into this community, new friendships and partnerships will be formed working together with new groups of people. It doesn’t change your status or friendships in KN, it isn’t being forced upon you these people are learning just like you and I are and are here to help

Why was this decision made? – It was made for you, surrounding members with more activity, tournament opportunities, media opportunities and educational opportunities we are taking the best aspects of 3 places and utilizing them to give you a better experience. In this process we will be open to bigger sponsors (which means giveaways and bragging rights), the largest social spectrum we have ever had (meaning more people to game with and meet) and will give us the opportunity for a lot of friendly competition. We want you to be proud of KN, we want to give you the most opportunity possible, you all do great a job and work hard to continue to build KN. We want to give you the incentives you deserve.

Why can’t I log into the forums? – By changing the forums server, everyone that had an account on the KN forums will need to make a new account on the combined forums. I am sorry for this inconvenience, but in order for all sides to combine to work in one area, we have to make new accounts to be able to function on the combined forums.

All of our social media will remain the same, our main page will remain up and active. The only combined change is the forums. So, with this being said, please go sign up and continue to rep your division on the forums. We can’t wait to see you there!

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