Beginning of a New Era
September 4, 2018
Xbox All Access: Making Gaming Affordable
September 16, 2018

Hello everyone,

For one, thanks for your continuous support through the years and especially the last couple months. Since we are the Killjoy Network, our social media handles and other policies have been updated. The reason why for this change? So leadership can continue on providing a great gaming experience where not only members can be a better gamer, but a leader. If you want to know just some of the changes, go to **HERE** and look; our new changes are in the color red (if you cannot see the color red, please contact your leadership to see the changes). Our social medias are:

Instagram: KilljoyNetwork
Twitter: KilljoyNetwork
Twitch: KNLive
Youtube: Killjoy Network

Still have questions? Ask your staff!

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