Newest Division: AoN Announced
September 2, 2018
Updated Information
September 11, 2018

Since 2003, KSI and KSI Network has been a place for many to laugh, play, grow, and learn to be a better leader. Even with these positives, there are multiple entities within and outside of the gaming world which prevents the name “KSI” being legalized and marketable. In addition, being so widely known within the gaming scene, senior leadership decided KN needs a fresh slate. With this in the way, KSI Network has decided to change the meaning of KN.

We are very excited to announce that we are moving on from our KSI roots. From now on KN with stand for Killjoy Network. In respect to the game that started gaming communities, Halo. The Killjoy medal is a medal obtainable in Halo 3, Halo: Reach and Halo 4 multiplayer. To obtain this medal you must kill somebody who is on a Killing Spree or any other known spree.

We feel like as a part of our evolution, moving forward into something that is unique to every member here is an advantage. KN is our community as a whole and with the past 4 months of transitions, we felt like it was time to make this community completely our design. Another announcement in relation to this change is our affiliation with the soon to launch Xiled Syndicate. This networking project will allow KN to be at the forefront of a positive movement for the culture of gaming communities. Putting aside differences and working to create a friendly and progressive future for all like-minded communities.

This step forward allows us to work with other communities in unison, to improve the experience we provide for YOU. To clarify, this is not a clique or a counter group, but more so a movement put forth by various leaders in different communities to bring a positive example to our hobby. We hope this move entices those that have not experienced the community culture to see that regardless of destination this hobby is something every gamer is capable of being passionate about.

With more changes in store, we look forward to giving you more news on how KN will continue to improve and evolve to be the ideal environment for current and future members. As always, thank you for your continuous support within the community.

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 We are sure you have some questions, so let’s get some things straight. 
Q. So… does this mean we are KSI?
A. No, we are no longer KSI. 

Q. In the article is said we are apart of XiledSyndicate, does this mean are merging into them?
A. No, we are not. We are still KN, we are just affiliates.
Q. All my achievements in KSI, can I still get the awards on the forums still?
A. Yes, but for a limited time. The cut off with me January 1st, 2019. This is in place as we are thinking Killjoy Network is a new community. 
Q. Can I keep KSI in my name?
A. Senior leadership prefers all members to change their gamertag (GT) at this time but understands that might not be an available option. KN Leadership is giving everyone until January 1st, 2019 to change their GT’s to add KN and remove KSI. If a member does not have the GT that reflects KN, then they are to be demoted to MSG if in a staff (LT+) position. Throughout the months, senior leadership will be offering name changes to members that cannot afford it that have a pre-existing KSI GT. 

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  1. I believe this will be a good new chapter

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