Newest Division: AoN Announced

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August 28, 2018
Beginning of a New Era
September 4, 2018

Hello KN members and supporters,

KN has recently opened up a new division from scratch, in the hopes of bringing more options to our members within the community. I, KN Euphoria 7, with the help of other members of the community opened the new division called All or Nothing (AoN). I went to members within the community and asked their opinion and feelings about the new division, here were their responses.

Sitting in a party with the newest members, everyone was joking and laughing in our party of eleven. It seemed as if nothing else mattered besides their game of Siege, and this is what I felt like a “home” on Xbox felt.

Q: You just transferred in to AoN from another division, what are your thoughts and feelings about the division so far?”

KN Mindless: “Well uh, when I first heard about this div (division) I was in SR (Synthetic Reality). I was like ‘whoa, a three letter division? That hasn’t been done before [in our community].’ … just coming over and seeing the way we do things, I love it already.”

KN Nightingale7: “Bruh, I love it.”

Then the fellow starter of the division KN Kim 7 joined the party, I asked her and Nox KN a similar question.

Q: You just opened AoN with others in KN, what are your thoughts?

KN Kim 7: “Uhm, my thoughts on the division is… I just want to build a strong division without drama, cutting corners, etc.”

Nox KN: ” I think this new division opening is a good thing… with AoN opening there’s true building going on now instead of this constant state of loss, rebuild, loss, rebuild, etc. Sort of like a breath of fresh air after living in a stale house for months and never going outside… We’re setting examples while implementing “new” policies & procedures. We’re going back to our roots with how to do things while trying to evolve and acclimate to this new era of gamers and gaming communities that we’re trying, or rather hoping, to bring in. When we succeed we will have raised and set the bar for how to do things all while outlining and laying a new foundation for current and future divisions to come. So at the end of the day when all is said and done my thoughts on AoN? It was necessary.”

After these questions, the chaos of the game ensued. It seems like everyone is happy, this is what KN and specifically AoN thrives for; happiness, with the opportunity of growing something bigger than yourself. I then talked to our Chief of Staff, Cali KN about his thoughts about the community, and this is what he said.

Q: What are your thoughts and feelings about AoN?: 

Cali KN: “I think it’s good for the community to embrace the new changes that we want to take with us into the future. Having a division that is purely based on that transition is a positive influence that will make it easier for retaining members to see the system at work as opposed to just verbally telling them. The learning curve will be steep and a lot of unfamiliar things will become the new way of doing things, even for leaders. So together with members, we plan to learn the new system and try our best to use it to create a fresh environment that KN members can enjoy. I am confident that this evolution of our structure will solve a lot of the old roadblocks and make KN an ideal place for members to grow while having a home they can be proud of.”
This is just another stepping stone KN is taking to make a better gaming experience. Will you join us? If you would like to join go **HERE**

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