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August 9, 2018
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August 19, 2018

By: KN Cali

There have been a LOT of changes over the past few months in the community. I wanted to take the time to go over some of them to give all you members a better understanding of our goals not only for the leadership but for the community as an entirety. I will go ahead and list the changes along with descriptions of why they were necessary.

First and foremost…the name

Why we changed our name to KN.

Having been KSI for many years, we felt that past situations left us in a tough position to market and progress the community into the future. We won’t go on about those situations because most of you are aware of them. The key is the ability to create opportunities for our community and our future generations of leaders and members. Embracing the fact that we are a network not only diversifies us as a unique organization, it allows us to evolve into the future of gaming communities and how our efforts can impact the gaming world. We appreciate and respect our past, but like all successful things, it is meant to evolve and move forward.

How is this different than before?

We have decided to take a new direction that not only allows members to express their passions for gaming but a place for development and discovery of their individual talents. In better words, we’re focused on YOU. As a team, we are building on something that can carry out over generations of members and leaders. It is important to us as leaders that members understand their importance in all of this, without you there is no KN. We plan to accomplish this in several ways, we don’t expect the atmosphere to change overnight but over time we will reach our goals to provide you the best possible experience here. These are various things we are working on to make that possible.

New comprehensive Handbook and Policy Guide to help educate members on how we do things in KN.

Re-Vamped and fully functional Education Department to provide premade workshops, guides and training tools to help you on your path to success here.

Detailed and User-Friendly Website Not only do we want your home to look good, we want the website to be easy to use, interactive and easily accessible for members to access the information they need.

Progress Forms and Reports Our goal is to provide you with consistent and informative leadership, that is accountable for providing your experience here. It is part of us keeping our promise to members at recruitment.

CMS Support to ensure that leaders needs are met to best keep track of and communicate with members, so no one gets left behind.

Functioning Tournaments and Events Team Over time we want to provide members with plenty of events, activities, and giveaways that keep you involved whether it be on Xbox, Social Media (@KSINetwork) or the Website (ksi.gg / forums.ksi.gg).

Open Opportunities on the Web Team Our website was made and functions for the members. We encourage any of our members to apply for a web department, whether new or experienced. We appreciate any positive content that you wish to contribute towards KN.

These are just some of the things we are working on to provide the best experience possible for members. Many more advances will take place, communities are always evolving. With patience and teamwork from all of KN, we can become the ideal place for all gamers looking for a positive place to call home. From all of us in the leadership, we would like to thank you all once again for your patience and continued efforts. KN is defined by its members and will continue to progress into an environment ideal for the members.  

If you have any further questions or suggestions about any current or future projects, feel free to ask your staffing or reference the website (ksi.gg) for more information. LLKN!

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