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July 15, 2018
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July 19, 2018

By KN Kim 7

Last Tuesday the new season of Fortnite Battle Royal was released.  As for the content, gamers were not let down with a new golf cart, that reminded them of Mario Kart, and new places to explore and loot.  However, as some of us were getting online that evening we found that we were able to put money into the game and got zero v-bucks.  Then we were unable to play Fortnite because the servers were down. After a two hour wait, biting your nails to see the new skins, which was worth it, we received our v-bucks to buy the battle pass and was able to proceed and drive those new golf carts.

Some of the changes we found in the game started with the weekly challenges.  There are now free challenges for those who can’t afford the battle pass. The top three challenges are free and the bottom four are for those who purchased the battle pass.  There are also so many new skins to look forward to equipping to your character. Now when looking at the new map players should see a vast desert area with plenty of new places to explore.  It all took the place of Moisty Mire and now has an updated race track added to the map. Players will also find that the prison area is gone.  The new area you have to explore is called Paradise Palms with a few other unnamed locations like a Fifty’s diner, Oasis, and a Junkyard to explore. Two of the other named locations that have changed are the Dusty Diviot and Anarchy Acres. Dusty Diviot has one main and very noticeable change. The trees have all grown and are as large as the one in the Wailing Woods.  Anarchy Acres has been replaced with Lazy Link which is a golf course clubhouse. Here is where you can find the most golf carts in the game.  

Outside of this new desert you will notice that the mountain by Snobby Shores has a new look also.  Now there is a Viking Village with its own Viking ship on top of another mountain in that area. Along with the new golf carts, there are temporal rifts that teleport gamers straight up in the air where players will have to skydive and parachute down. They make a loud noise to all players left in the game but unlike the look crates you can not tell where the player is.  Finally, these new golf carts are so much fun. They have enough room in them for an entire squad. Unless you are driving you are able to use your weapons. If you are driving have fun jumping, drifting, and racing around the map. If gamers are willing to jump and drift the cart you can acquire XP.

With all these changes we will have weeks of new challenges, places to explore and new skins to show off. It seems endless what the developers at Fornite can do, as they continue to amaze gamers everywhere. The fun never stops with this game. So good luck finding that llama and getting that dub. 

Have you played since the update? If so, what is our favorite skin? Let us know down below!


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