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It’s not a political game, we swear! We’ve heard this from Ubisoft, who insists that Division 2 is about an uprising set in Washington D.C. will avoid being political. No politics… in Washington D.C. and that’s final they continue to say. Besides that, the last game seemed to have members of the gaming community frustrated in some aspects. One of the largest was the single-player experience. To gamers around the globe, it felt as if the game was made for multiple people to play through the story. This isn’t the case anymore!

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If you were worried that Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 would lean so hard into multiplayer that it wouldn’t provide a satisfactory single-player experience, don’t be, Ubisoft has come out and said the sequel will deliver with both multiplayer and single-player gamers in mind. Perhaps the most encouraging tidbit is that Ubisoft is developing the game not just with the hardcore player in mind, but the solo player; because the last game has complaints on this aspect, of how game at times felt like it was meant to be played with others, and as a result, certain parts of it didn’t feel right while playing solo. Ubisoft has hopefully remedied this issue. Tom Clancy’s The Division Origins Part The First, there is a big giant city out there to conquer and the emphasis is on group play and cooperation. Presumably, this goes a little farther than the Destiny Model of allowing single player up to a point, but the phrasing here doesn’t get into whether the raids (which support up to 8 players; Jesus.) will be conquerable all by your lonesome.

I really hope we get more clarity on these issues and promises before the early 2019 release. The Division 2 is in development for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. It’s scheduled to arrive on March 15th, 2019. Hopefully, more information will be given. But this is for sure, it is NOT a political game. So, what are your thoughts? Tell us below!


You can solo run The Division 2 from start to finish

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